Graphical Step Sequencer

Available now for iPad.

SENODE is an innovative music app based on the idea of finite state machines. It works like a polyphonic modular step sequencer with probabilistic steps. Senode is perfect for generative music and complex sequencing setups. In addition, all actions are MIDI bindable, so the steps can be triggered in real time from drum pads, sensors or other apps – a real live-performance instrument!

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  • innovative non-linear graphical sequencer with draggable multi-touch interface
  • standalone app and AUv3 MIDI plugin (in-app purchase required)
  • unlimited notes or chords per step with velocity, legato or fixed-length notes
  • unlimited number of steps and directions: cycles, randomized, one-shot
  • multi-timbral patches with polyphonic emitters
  • integrated polysynth with sine, square, saw and noise OSC, ADSR, filter, reverb
  • real-time sequencer control with clock sync and catch-up quantization
  • MIDI device input and output
  • velocity-sensitive binding support for all sequencer operations like step, emit, tick, trigger or clear
  • tempo and start/stop synchronization using Ableton Link
  • step recording with chord detection
  • copy and paste functionality
  • transpose and clock divide functions
  • comes with tutorial and example patches that you can instantly play


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